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Bike Sharing in Toronto

Bike sharing is a new idea on the market. Not only is it good for the environment, it also is good for the pocketbook. BIXI Toronto has bikes for your bike sharing needs. It is a great company with a new location, which is convenient to meet any customer’s needs.
Choosing to bike instead of using urban transportation is a great help to the environment. This is a real option if you live in a urban area where everything is closely located. Every time that you use your human fuel to power a bicycle, you are saving the ozone from harmful exhaust that is emitted from buses, cars, trains and motorcycles. This is a good idea not only for people who are alive today, but also for those in future generations. It is imperative that we are kinder to our planet so future humans can enjoy it as well.
Toronto.bixi.com is easy to use also. It allows customers to get bikes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The first thirty minutes of each trip are free and you can drop the bike off at a station close to your destination. This makes bike riding easy and fun without having to worry about maintenance either.
This is an super easy system that allows customers to walk up to the station, choose a bike and pay with a credit or debit card. After payment, the BIXI system will issue a code to unlock your bike from the rack. That is all that is required and remember the first 30 minutes of trip are included and your card will be charged for additional time.
I think this is a great approach to an environmentally concious idea and beleive more people should use Bixi and get out on the road on two wheels.