Biking Tips for Toronto Beginners

Biking Tips for Toronto Beginners

Biking Tips for Toronto BeginnersBeginning any exercise can be intimidating; especially when machinery is involved. However, biking is a great sport for any Toronto city slicker to ease into. When beginning your biking journey, keep in mind that some obstacles may be tougher than others. However, no biking skill is impossible to master. If you keep with it you’ll be exploring the entirety of Toronto without the hassle of subways or streetcars before you know it.

Cycling is a great way to burn calories and it is a ton of fun to do by yourself or with friends. It requires very little planning or preparation. However, I will always recommend optimum hydration before you begin your first stint.

Remember, “it’s like riding a bike”? Well, I will admit that sometimes cycling isn’t as easy as that old saying portrays. This is especially true for beginners who have abandoned their wheels for an extended period of time. At first, you may experience a bit of a wabbly feeling. I know – not the most technical term, but once you get started you will know what I mean. The thin tires and lightweight feel of innovative street bikes can test a beginner’s balance. Don’t be shy! Once you get going you’ll feel as sturdy as a rock in motion.

Interval Training is a great way to move from amateur biker to Tour De France competitor. Try descending intervals; start with 2 minutes hard followed by 2 easy minutes. Then, go down to 1 minute of each until you reach a 15 second sprint. Follow this session up with 5 minutes of easy, enjoyable biking and then rev your engines up again.

Don’t Let Yourself Suffer from Biking Boredom. Try out new paths all over Toronto. I have discussed some of the best biking paths in previous blogs. However, just to refresh your memory, I would recommend taking a short trip to the Toronto Islands or exploring the Martin Goodman Trail. You can check out the best biking paths in Toronto at this website

Challenge yourself to create a biking checklist with all of the Toronto paths mentioned in that article. Check off each one as your build up your biking stamina and grow your appreciation for Toronto’s outdoor atmosphere.

Challenge yourself with a Steep Climb. Don’t collapse trying to conquer the CN Tower or anything, but try to find an intimidating hill and pedal by pedal overcome your hesitation. Do not try to sprint up your first mountain. Take it easy and appreciate the burn as you bike up Toronto’s hills. It is better to maintain a sustainable intensity than to burn out and toss your bike.

Last, but certainly not least; enjoy yourself! Put on some sunscreen and fall in love with Toronto’s outdoors. Cheers, and be sure to have a pedal for me!