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Top 15 Apps for Cycling

  • Bike Doctor 2 – Available for both Droid and iPhone, Bike Doctor 2 shows you how to repair Cycling Appsyour bike. It also comes with a neat check-list to get that perfect ride.
  • Bike Hub – Blue Hub is a GPS unit for bikes. This little app lets you decide your routes by showing you all your options. It then guides you along the way.
  • BioLogic BikeBrain – This iPhone-only app is a fully functional fully functioning computer complete with GPS, performance monitoring and programmable training modes.
  • Livestrong Calorie Tracker – Calorie Tracker is a mobile training unit. It tracks your exercise regimen, weight and calorie intake. You need this app if you want to become a better rider..
  • Sports Tracker – Sports Tracker is another GPS app for your bike. It monitors your performance and lets you share your skills with the world.
  • Cyclemeter – Cyclemter is another GPS, but only for your iPhone. The app tracks and analyses your speed, distance, and elevation. It then displays your route on top of a Google Map.
  • Cychosis – Cyclosis is a bike computer for the iPhone. It lets you log your trips and then develops charts and spreadsheets from the data.
  • Endomondo – tracks your trip times, average speed and distance, and displays them on top of Google Maps. It also comes with a virtual coach.
  • Google Maps – If you have not used Google Maps, you haven’t lived. This app is available on all mobile devices with web browsers but comes as a standalone app for Android.
  • EveryTrail – EveryTrail is a GPS app that lets you see your entire route on top of a Google Map.. It also comes with its own mapping program called Open Street Maps to save battery life.
  • LiveRider – LiveRider is another performance-tracking iPhone app. However, it comes with its own sensor you attach to your rear wheel for better accuracy.
  • RunKeeper – RunKeeper is a popular and easy-to-use tracking app. While it does not have as many features as the others, RunKeeper has a nice collection of integrated extras.
  • Rendezous – Rendezous is an iPhone app for people who like to ride in groups. More versatile that just using Twitter, this app lets you arrange rides and then invite people.
  • Strava – Strava is another fitness tracking app, but it comes with the most social media features than any other app..
  • Wahoo Fitness ANT+ – The ANT+ combines with the Wahoo Bike Pack to make your bike a complete exercise machine.

These 15 apps are the most popular and more versatile on the market today. The iPhone has more apps of course, but the differences between the iPhone and Droids decrease every day. The same cannot be said about other phones. They are all still playing catch up.

The Toronto Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup playoffs

Toronto hockey fans haven’t had much to celebrate in the last decade but that could change this year. The Maple Leafs are back in the play-offs after a 9 year absence, and have a legitimate shot at winning it all. Recent precedent gives Toronto reason to believe they will break the curse and win their first Stanley Cup in almost fifty years.

Last season, the Los Angeles Kings came from nowhere to shock the hockey world to win it all. For the Leafs to do the same, their pathway will likely mimic the Kings run through the play-offs. Last year, the goal-tending from the Kings Jonathan Quick was superb and a big component of their success. The Leafs goalie, James Reimer, has never played in the Stanley Cup play-offs  but don’t expect him to break under the pressure of the post-season  He has risen to become one of Toronto’s most important players and their success will hinge on his continued stingy goalkeeping.
The Kings unexpected championship also relied heavily on their penalty killing success which was over 92%. The Maple Leafs should be looking to do the same with their top five ranked penalty killing unit. If Toronto continues to keep scoring down when in the penalty, it will make for a much easier road to the cup.

The Leafs will definitely need some scoring to back up goalie. Toronto will probably need some scoring from unexpected places, but they’ll rely on goal production from Phil Kessel. Youngster Nazem Kadri will have to hold up to the pressure of the spotlight and play as he has all season. To win as an underdog you need to be approaching your opponents from all angles, and personnel decisions will prove to be a critical piece of the puzzle. Randy Carlyle will need to match line-ups to the Leafs opposition from series to series to exploit weaknesses and shore up vulnerabilities. If Carlyle manages to get his inexperienced squad to take one game at a time, every series should be winnable. With solid goalkeeping and penalty killing, some road victories, and a little bit of luck, the Maple Leafs will bring their first Stanley Cup since 1967 back to Toronto.

Bike Ride in the Grass

Images inspired by a bike ride in the grass in Toronto – photographs by John Diogenous on a spring day.